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2019-05-02: Short list of today’s user posts that are presently being blocked by Facebook.

1. Please note. Current posts that mention Joe Biden siding with the plotters in South America are being blocked by you-know-who. See the network for more stories.

2. Joe Biden Sides with Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo in Backing Venezuela Coup Effort Jon Queally | | 2019-05-02 The Democratic frontrunner characterizes effort to overthrow the elected government of President Nicolas Maduro at gunpoint, as just another benign effort to "restore democracy" in Latin America. | *** | Despite progressive critics and anti-war voices speaking forcefully against the Trump administration's ……

3. Venezuela — Another Failed Coup Attempt — What's Next? Peter Koenig | | 2019-05-02 In the early morning hours of 30 April, 2019, the self-declare "Interim President", Juan Guaidó, launched what at first sight appeared to be a military coup — Guaidó calls it "Operation Freedom" (sounds very much like a Washington-invented title) ……

NOW: Venezuelan defense minister says army stands with President Maduro, denounces Guaido as traitor

LIVE VIDEO: Shots fired in Caracas amid Venezuela coup attempt

Reports of tear gas follow the video released by US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido, where he called on a full scale military #uprising against Venezuelan president Maduro.

Venezuelan defense minister says army stands with President Maduro, denounces Guaido as traitor

Venezuela's defense forces stand behind President Nicolas Maduro, Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino has said, after opposition leader Juan Guaido claimed he had military backing in his attempt to oust the country's chief.

Writing on Twitter in reference to a video Guaido posted on his own feed, flanked by men in military uniform Padrino said: "The FANB [Venezuela Armed Forces] stands firm in defense of the National Constitution and its legitimate authorities. All the military units deployed in the eight Integral Defense Regions report normalcy in their barracks and military bases, under the command of their natural commanders.",…