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2020-06-02: News Headlines

Stephen Sefton (2020-06-02). Nicaragua — False Witness, False Memory. COVID-19 and Nicaragua's Community Approach to Health Care. globalresearch.ca On Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The standard Western canonical sources of record, namely international institutions, non-governmental organizations and media outlets, practically universally contend that all three countries are authoritarian or even tyrannical regimes, denying their peoples' basic democratic rights. The …

Ricardo Vaz (2020-06-02). US Sanctions Shipping Companies, Torpedoes Venezuela Oil-for-Food Deal. venezuelanalysis.com Washington is cracking down on swap deals that provide Venezuela with food, fuel and other vital imports in exchange for crude oil.

teleSUR (2020-06-01). Venezuela: FM Denounces US Pressure Against Mexican Aid Company. telesurenglish.net Venezuela's Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, Sunday denounced the U.S. government's influence over the Mexican company Libre Abordo and Schlager Business Group's bankruptcy. | RELATED: | "Given the illegal and criminal pressures by the U.S. government, the Mexican firm that swapped Venezuelan oil for food and humanitarian supplies declared bankruptcy. This is how Washington violates human rights in Venezuela and free trade's rights," Arreaza tw…

Ed Corrigan (2020-06-01). US Tankers in Persian Gulf Will Not be Safe If Iranian Oil Shipments Seized: Political Analyst. globalresearch.ca A Canadian political analyst said the US is well aware that its oil tankers that are freely moving in the Persian Gulf would be exposed to retaliation if it attempts to seize Iranian oil shipments carrying fuel to Venezuela. | ***…

Paul Dobson (2020-06-01). Venezuela Inaugurates New Fuel System, Increases Local Production. venezuelanalysis.com The new model features dual prices, dollar payments and private import permits, ending the state's 50-year monopoly on fuel supply.

Andre Vltchek (2020-05-30). In the West: Propaganda, Hysteria and Truly Foul Breath! dissidentvoice.org If it wasn't so tragic, it would be laughable: the political brigands in North America and Europe are fuming, spitting and rolling their eyes upwards towards the ceiling. They are pointing fingers in all directions, shouting incoherently "China!", "Russia!", "Venezuela and Cuba!", "Iran!"; "You, You, YOU!". China and Russia are quietly building a new world, …

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-28). Venezuela Cuts Back Oil Production, Mulls Gasoline Price Hike. venezuelanalysis.com Four Iranian tankers carrying fuel and additives have arrived in recent days.

Gloria La Riva (2020-05-26). Defying U.S. sanctions, first Iranian tanker reaches Venezuela. liberationnews.org The enhanced U.S. military presence in Caribbean waters did not deter Iran as the first of its five giant tankers full of gasoline and refinery supplies reached Venezuela's waters late Saturday, May 23.

Gloria La Riva (2020-05-26). Desafiando las sanciones de EEUU, primer buque iraní llega a Venezuela. liberationnews.org La presencia militar de los Estados Unidos en aguas del Caribe no disuadió a Irán mientras el "Fortuna", el primero de sus cinco gigantes buques petroleros llenos de gasolina y suministros de refinería llegó a las aguas de Venezuela el sábado 23 de mayo.

Paul Dobson (2020-05-25). Venezuelan Government Seizes AT&T Assets, Looks to Re-establish DirecTV Cable Service. venezuelanalysis.com The Texas-based multinational abandoned the country last week citing legal pressure caused by US sanctions.

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-24). Iranian Fuel Tanker Reaches Venezuela, Defying US Threats. venezuelanalysis.com The five Iranian tankers are estimated to carry enough gasoline to supply Venezuela for 50 days.

Lucas Koerner (2020-05-21). Trump Claims to Have Venezuela 'Surrounded' as Iranian Tankers Approach. venezuelanalysis.com Venezuela's armed forces will escort the vessels upon reaching territorial waters.

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-21). US Blocks UNSC Draft Resolution Denouncing Paramilitary Incursion into Venezuela. venezuelanalysis.com Russia, China and other countries criticized violations of Venezuelan sovereignty.

Lucas Koerner (2020-05-20). AT&T Shuts down DirecTV in Venezuela over Sanctions. venezuelanalysis.com The National Assembly will investigate the "rash decision" that affects 600 workers and two million households.

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-20). Venezuela Sues UK over Frozen Gold Reserves, Loses CITGO Appeal. venezuelanalysis.com The US $1 billion worth of gold would be used in the fight against COVID-19.

Joe Emersberger (2020-05-18). Disgraceful yet illuminating reactions to the 2002 coup that briefly ousted Hugo Chavez: IACHR, CPJ and RSF. zcomm.org The Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) The IACHR claimed in 2009 report on Venezuela that its reaction to the "the attempted coup d'état [of 2002] was immediate and decisive" and that it "warned that these acts constituted an interruption of the constitutional order as defined in the Democratic Charter." The evidence it offered

Lucas Koerner (2020-05-18). Iran Sends Fuel Tankers to Venezuela, Vows 'Decisive Response' to US Threats. venezuelanalysis.com Crippling US sanctions have caused severe fuel shortages in the Caribbean nation.

Paul Dobson (2020-05-18). Venezuela Sees COVID-19 Surge as Returning Migrants Surpass 40,000. venezuelanalysis.com Authorities say that 75 percent of recent cases have been "imported."

Joe Emersberger (2020-05-17). Attempts to whitewash the military coup of April 2002 in Venezuela. zcomm.org Given the overwhelming support opposition voices have been given in western media since Hugo Chavez was first elected in 1998, it is unsurprising that some would have had the audacity to attempt at least a partial whitewash of what the opposition and its foreign allies did in April of 2002. I'll address some of those

Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-17). Venezuela: Guaido's Leadership in Question Following Failed Coup Attempt. venezuelanalysis.com A letter from Silvercorp's lawyers demanding payment has cast doubt on Guaido's denials of involvement in a recent paramilitary operation.

en.mehrnews (2020-06-02). Fuel export to Venezuela 'within framework of intl. regulations': Brig. Gen. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jun. 02 (MNA) — Deputy Chief of Sarallah Headquarters Brigadier General Esmail Kosari on Tue. said that Iran's export of gasoline to the Bolivarian country of Venezuela has been made within the framework of international rules and regulations.

_____ (2020-06-01). The Frontlines Of Venezuela's Fight Against COVID-19. popularresistance.org Since the emergence of COVID-19 in December of last year, when it became evident that this would be a global pandemic, epidemiologists made it clear that in the fight against the new coronavirus the key would be to flatten the curve. To do so, two very important factors should be taken into account: reducing the contagion rate and increasing the capacity of the healthcare system. In other words, the objective is to flatten the curve to a level that allows a reinforced healthcare system to attend to all the cases. | That is why, early on, the Venezuelan government decided to adopt strategies that would tend to fla…