2020-01-14: News Headlines

Lucas Koerner (2020-01-14). For Western Press, the only Coup in Venezuela is against Guaidó. mronline.org The international corporate media have entered crisis mode following the replacement of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as head of the country's National Assembly. | Source

yenisafak (2020-01-14). Venezuela's court orders papers on parliament head vote. yenisafak.com Venezuela's top court ordered the country's new parliament speaker to submit the necessary documents showing his recent election to…

Ben Norton (2020-01-13). Under US pressure, social media companies censor critical content and suspend Venezuelan, Iranian, and Syrian accounts. thegrayzone.com As the US escalates its hybrid wars, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are suspending accounts and censoring content that conflicts with…

Peoples Dispatch (2020-01-13). Juan Guaidó threatens attack against teleSUR. peoplesdispatch.org Far-right Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, declared his intentions to silence the state-owned media outlet, teleSUR on Twitter on January 11. He announced he would take it over and claimed that it "supports terrorists". | "In the next few days we keep moving forward: tomorrow we will announce the steps to recover the Telesur signal in the continent, and keep an eye on where and when we are going to hold a session of the National Assembly, to open the doors of the (Legislative) Palace and soon those of Miraflores (government office)," tweeted Guaidó. | "Since its creation, Telesur has been used to promot…

Paul Dobson (2020-01-13). Venezuela Blames Sanctions After UN Voting Right Suspended. venezuelanalysis.com Venezuela, which has one of the highest UN contribution rates in the region, has not paid its dues since 2018.

pip.hinman (2020-01-10). Venezuela: Guaido installs parallel parliament, US threatens more sanctions. greenleft.org.au Venezuela Ricardo VazIssue 1248 Venezuela Juan Guaido US Vice President Mike PenceJanuary 10, 2020Opposition leader Juan Guaido installed a "parallel" parliament in Caracas on January 7. | The…

Leonardo Flores (2020-01-09). This might be the final episode of Juan Guaidó's surreal Venezuela regime-change reality show. thegrayzone.com The farcical scene of Juan Guaido attempting to break into Venezuela's National Assembly as its members voted him out was…

Staff (2020-01-08). Headlines for January 8, 2020. democracynow.org Iran Strikes 2 Iraqi Bases in Retaliation for Soleimani's Assassination, McConnell Says He Has Enough Votes to Open Impeachment Trial Without Witnesses, Trump Declares Emergency for Puerto Rico Following Earthquake, Spain Poised to Form First Progressive Coalition Government Since 1930s, Argentina Deals Blow to Legitimacy of Venezuela's U.S.-Backed Opposition, Indian Workers & Students Launch Strike to Protest Privatization, Wet'suwet'en Nation Issues Eviction Notice to Workers of Pipeline Company in Canada, Planned Parenthood Attacked with Incendiary Device in Delaware, NYT: More Than 20 Shootings at After Schoo…

Ricardo Vaz (2020-01-08). Venezuela: Guaido Installs Parallel Parliament After Washington Threatens More Sanctions. venezuelanalysis.com The Trump administration is reportedly mulling sanctions against opposition deputies who voted against Guaido.

Fight Back (2020-01-08). Juan Guaidó, the political joke of Venezuela. fightbacknews.org Chicago, IL – Juan Guaidó is not that smart of a politician. He never seems to care much about strategy, or coalition building, or putting forward a serious political platform. The only political talent Guaidó seems to have is in front of the cameras. He knows how to put on a good show for the audience he wants to please. | | While that could be seen throughout the past year, as Guaidó and his allies bumbled their way through one of the worst coup attempts in recent memory, it is the best way to understand what has happened in Venezuela these past few days. | | On Sunday, January 5, Guaidó's support amo…

news.un (2020-01-07). UN chief monitoring Venezuela developments 'with concern'. news.un.org The latest twist in Venezuela's ongoing political crisis "make urgently needed dialogue even more difficult to achieve", the UN Secretary-General has said.

Paul Dobson (2020-01-06). Venezuelan Government and Opposition Fraction Announce Release of 14 'Political Prisoners'. venezuelanalysis.com The National Roundtable for Peaceful Dialogue also offered its backing to the new National Assembly president, Luis Parra.

Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz (2020-01-05). Venezuela: Guaido Replaced as Parliament Head in Disputed Vote. venezuelanalysis.com Pro-Guaido opposition lawmakers have rejected the vote, forming a parallel parliament with US and international right-wing support.

Ricardo Vaz (2019-12-23). Venezuela Repels 'Terrorist' Attack on Military Bases, 1 Soldier Dead. venezuelanalysis.com The assailants stormed several military installations before being engaged by the Venezuelan army.

Joe Emersberger (2019-12-20). Notes on a private TV newscast in Bolivia. The contrast with Venezuela is clear as day. zcomm.org In August, I took detailed notes a news broadcast on one of Venezuela's largest TV networks. I summarized these notes in an interview I did with the Real News Network making the point that Venezuela's private media (which reaches 60-90% of households) is remarkably free — most especially when you consider the US is openly Read more…

Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz (2019-12-18). Venezuela: Guaido Introduces Remote Voting in Bid to Secure Reelection. venezuelanalysis.com The opposition leader has been under fire amid recent scandals.

Joe Emersberger (2019-12-16). Francisco Rodriguez answers some questions I asked about Venezuela. zcomm.org Venezuelan economist Francisco Rodriguez, formerly of Torino Economics, answered a few questions of mine about his country. He was the economic adviser to Henri Falcon, the second place finisher in the May 2018 presidential election. His updated estimate for 2019 is that Venezuela's real GDP will contract by 25% . That's horrific, but less severe Read more…

Paul Dobson (2019-12-16). ALBA Summit: Venezuela Promises to Relaunch PetroCaribe in 2020. venezuelanalysis.com Heads of state also pledged to bolster various regional social programs including the Miracle Mission and Latin American Medical Schools.

Joe Emersberger (2019-12-15). 128 Reuters articles on Bolivia since October 20, 2019 election with no mention of expert criticism of OAS audit UPDATED. zcomm.org Bolivia ¥s foreign minister says Mexico appeal to International Court 'a mistake' Bolivia's YPFB strikes transition deal with Petrobras to extend natural gas exports Bolivia is not a Mexican colony, acting foreign minister Longaric tells El Pais Mexico says Spanish diplomats' cars blocked by Bolivia at La Paz embassy Mexico appeals to international court as diplomatic Read more…

Ricardo Vaz (2019-12-11). Venezuela Oil Production Continues Slow Recovery. venezuelanalysis.com According to state oil company PDVSA, production is again approaching one million barrels per day.

Paul Dobson (2019-12-09). Venezuela's Civilian Militia Surpasses Target, Reaches 3.3 Million Members. venezuelanalysis.com The body is due to be legally incorporated into the Armed Forces as a "combat unit."

Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz (2019-12-05). Venezuela: Guaido Embattled as Opposition Splits over New Corruption Scandal. venezuelanalysis.com The latest scandal has further called into doubt Guaido's credibility as leader of the opposition.

Lucas Koerner (2019-12-04). TIAR Countries Blacklist Top Venezuelan Officials as US Slaps New Sanctions. venezuelanalysis.com US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Venezuela of "hijacking" mass anti-neoliberal protests in "our own backyard."

Ricardo Vaz (2019-12-04). Red Cross Chief: Venezuela Aid Being Politicized to 'Destabilize the Country'. venezuelanalysis.com Francesco Rocca slammed the underfunding of aid programs as a problem of "political will."

Paul Dobson (2019-12-02). Venezuela's PDVSA Secures Temporary Lease Extension for Curacao Refinery. venezuelanalysis.com Despite the extension, refinery owners are looking to end the 34-year cooperation under pressure from US sanctions.

Lucas Koerner (2019-11-28). US Vows to 'Reinforce' Sanctions, Accuses Venezuela and Cuba of Stirring Regional 'Strife'. venezuelanalysis.com Elliott Abrams reiterated support for Guaido and denied that sanctions are damaging the Venezuelan economy.

Paul Dobson (2019-11-25). Venezuela Unveils First Gold Processing Complex in Mining Arc. venezuelanalysis.com While already operational, the complex will reportedly be the 5th largest in the continent upon completion.

Lucas Koerner (2019-11-21). Colombia's US Ambassador Advocates 'Covert Actions' Against Venezuela in Leaked Audio. venezuelanalysis.com Top Colombian officials acknowledged failure of regime change in Venezuela and total disarray in Washington.

Paul Dobson (2019-11-18). Venezuelans Protest Bolivia Coup After Diplomatic Break. venezuelanalysis.com The de facto government in La Paz has broken relations with Caracas and recognised Guaido.

Lucas Koerner (2019-11-14). Venezuelan Embassy Attacked in Brazil. venezuelanalysis.com Bolsonaro denied any prior knowledge of the attack.

Ricardo Vaz (2019-11-14). Venezuelan Oil Output Sees Modest Rise in October: OPEC. venezuelanalysis.com Reviving production has led Chevron convert a blending plant back to a crude upgrader for export of heavier grades.

Paul Dobson (2019-11-11). Venezuela Condemns Bolivia Coup d'État. venezuelanalysis.com Government forces and grassroots movements are holding vigils across the country in support of Evo Morales.

Ricardo Vaz and Lucas Koerner (2019-11-06). US Authorizes Tax Payments to Maduro Gov't, Sanctions Five More Venezuelan Officials. venezuelanalysis.com Washington has eased some of the restrictions imposed under its recent Venezuela embargo.

Paul Dobson (2019-11-04). Venezuela, El Salvador Break Relations as Maduro Applauds 'New Anti-Neoliberal Wave'. venezuelanalysis.com Guatemala's president-elect has similarly pledged to break with the Maduro government upon assuming office in January.

Ricardo Vaz (2019-11-01). Venezuelan Leftist Parties and Unions Stage Protest, Demand Gov't Answers. venezuelanalysis.com Dozens of activists demanded better wages and respect for collective bargaining rights.

Ricardo Vaz (2019-10-30). Venezuela: Opposition Demands Bond Annulment, Gov't Grants Rosneft Tax Breaks. venezuelanalysis.com Rosneft will reportedly invest in natural gas production in Venezuela.

Paul Dobson (2019-10-28). Venezuela Applauds Regional Leftist Victories. venezuelanalysis.com Caracas rejoiced at the "defeat of the IMF" in elections in Argentina, Uruguay, and swathes of Colombia this Sunday.