2019-07-06: News Headlines

teleSUR (2019-07-05). Venezuela Celebrates 208th Anniversary of Independence. telesurenglish.net Bolivarian and communist supporters are marching on Friday across the streets of the capital in order to celebrate the 208th anniversary of Venezuela's Independence Day, while, at the same time, the Venezuelan opposition holds a separate protest. | RELATED: | Putin on Guaido's Plea to God: Get Back to Earth and Dialogue | Diosdado Cabello, head of the National Constituent Assembly and the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), convoked the march starting at 9 A.M.., local time, in…

teleSUR (2019-07-05). Russia to Strengthen Venezuela's Military Defense Capabilities. telesurenglish.net Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated on Friday that his country will continue to develop international cooperation with Venezuela, which includes strengthening military defense capabilities. | RELATED: | Putin on Guaido's Plea to God: Get Back to Earth and Dialogue | "We will continue our multifaceted efforts on developing partner relations with brotherly Venezuela," Ryabkov said while attending an event honouring the 208th anniversary of the South American country's independenc…

teleSUR (2019-07-05). First Arrest Over Odebrecht Corruption In Mexico. telesurenglish.net The former director of Mexico's state oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) has been was arrested Friday on corruption and bribery charges. | Emilio Lozoya ran the highly-indebted PEMEX during the previous neoliberal administration of Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018), a period already marked by rampant corruption and a unprecedented murder rates. The arrest of Lozoya is Mexico's first in relation to the sprawling Odebrecht kickbacks case that is already well underway in nearly all Latin American countries. | The whereabouts of the defendant, however, are unknown and the court has asked Interpol to issue a re…

plenglish (2019-07-05). Venezuelan Human Rights Network regrets UN discriminatory report. plenglish.com Caracas, July 5 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan Human Rights Network regretted the discriminatory content of the report of the high commissioner of the United Nations Organization, Michelle Bachelet.

teleSUR (2019-07-05). Maduro Urges National Unity as Venezuela Marks Independence Day. telesurenglish.net Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, surrounded by top generals, addressed a military parade in Caracas Friday in commemoration of the country's declaration of Independence, where revolutionary forces led by Simon Bolivar expelled the Spanish empire 208 years ago. | RELATED: | Venezuela Celebrates 208th Anniversary of Independence | "It was the Bolivarian Revolution and our Commander Hugo Chavez who rescued the original and real sense of this historical feat," said President Maduro, a…

susan_p (2019-07-05). Venezuela: Amid crisis and sanctions, LGBTI activists continue to demand change. greenleft.org.au One of the sectors hardest hit by Venezuela's economic crisis is the nation's LGBTI community. Lacking access to life-saving medicines and denied certain rights, activists say there is still much to be done within the revolution. | A recent report by the Washington-based Centre for Economic and Policy Research found that there are more than 300,000 people at risk of death in Venezuela due to a lack of access to medicines or treatment. This includes about 80,000 people living with HIV, many of whom are LGBTI or sexual and gender diverse — the term commonly used in Venezuela. | United States sanctions ha…

Roger Harris (2019-07-05). Why the US Puppet President of Venezuela is Toast. counterpunch.org Even the corporate media are losing enthusiasm for the US government's ploy to replace the democratically elected President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela with the US-anointed security asset Juan Guaidó. Reuters reports in a July 1 article, "Disappointed Venezuelans lose patience with Guaidó as Maduro hangs on," that the US-backed "military uprising" has "unraveled." A critical More

Roger D. Harris (2019-07-04). Reading Reuters between the Lines: Why the US Puppet President of Venezuela Is Toast. mintpressnews.com A critical reading between the lines of a Reuters article confirms that Washington has failed to cobble together a united opposition in Venezuela that is popular enough to win in the polls, likely signaling the end for Juan Guaido.

teleSUR (2019-07-04). Venezuela's AG Charge Two Policemen for Aggression Against Teen. telesurenglish.net Venezuela's Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, informed on Thursday that two police officers from the southwestern state of Tachira have been charged with the crimes of attempted murder, misuse of weapons and cruel treatment for the aggression against 16-year-old Rufo Chacon. | RELATED: | Venezuela Top Prosecutor Opens Probe into Guaido-led Corruption | The Top Prosecutor's Office indicated that the accusations respond to the disproportionate action of both officials to dis…

teleSUR (2019-07-04). Putin on Guaido's Plea to God: Get Back to Earth and Dialogue. telesurenglish.net Russian President Vladimir Putin, while addressing the current situation in Venezuela, said on Thursday that since opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido proclaimed himself president "before God" yet received no heavenly "signs," it's time to get back to earth and dialogue. | RELATED: | China and Mexico Reject US Interference in Venezuelan Affairs | During an official state visit to Italy, Putin recalled that on Jan. 23 Guaido raised his eyes to heaven and, addressing God, proclaimed himself…

teleSUR (2019-07-04). Caricom Unites Behind Goals of Prosperity, Innovation. telesurenglish.net Introspection, inspiration and innovation were three of the main topics at the 40th Regular Meeting of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (Caricom). | RELATED: Despite Differences, Caricom Agrees on Non-Intervention Policy in Venezuela | The two-day session brought together the Caribbean state members as well as some guests, such as the Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to discuss unity in the region. | St. Kitts Prim…

United Nations (2019-07-04). UN human rights chief 'hopeful' Venezuelan authorities are ready to address violations, calls for dialogue. un.org "The only way out of this crisis is to come together, in dialogue": that was the clear message delivered by Michelle Bachelet, the UN human rights chief, to the Government of Venezuela on Friday, during an address to the Human Rights Council, coinciding with the publication of a new UN report on Venezuela.

teleSUR (2019-07-04). Venezuela Issues 70 Objections to UN's Human Rights Report. telesurenglish.net The Venezuelan government issued a statement Thursday rejecting the findings of a report released by the United Nations Human Rights Commission, questioning the methodology used to collect the data. | RELATED: | President Maduro Ratifies Commitment to Dialogue in Norway | "The report presents a selective and openly biased view of the true human rights situation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which…

Paul Dobson (2019-07-03). OPEC Speaks Out Against Venezuelan Oil Embargo as PDVSA Reroutes Exports to Asia. venezuelanalysis.com Unofficial data also indicates that oil production has climbed 26 percent in June to 1.1 million barrels per day.

United Nations (2019-07-02). Tuesday's Daily Brief: Hunger crisis in DR Congo, Swine Fever in Asia, Venezuela death investigation call, updates on Eritrea and Syria. un.org This Tuesday, UN News covers: Growing food crisis in DR Congo; Swine Fever threatens millions of livelihoods in Asia; Human Rights Council told of persistent violations in Eritrea; and the humanitarian impact of on-going fighting in Syria.

United Nations (2019-07-02). Venezuela: 'Shocked' by alleged torture, death of navy captain, UN human rights chief urges 'in-depth' investigation. un.org The UN human rights chief has expressed her deep concern over the alleged torture and subsequent death of a retired navy captain who had been imprisoned in Venezuela, urging authorities to conduct a prompt, thorough, independent, and transparent investigation into his death.

Paul Dobson (2019-07-01). US Sanctions Maduro's Son as Venezuela Discussed at G20. venezuelanalysis.com Russian President Vladimir Putin challenged Juan Guaido to run in elections while Trump said he has "five different alternatives for Venezuela."

unitedEditor (2019-07-01). US-Saudi Energy Relations. uwidata.com In 2017, according to the US Energy Information Administration, Saudi Arabia, following Russia, Iran and Qatar, had the fourth-largest natural gas reserves in the world. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the country's natural gas reserves amounted to 304 trillion cubic meters. Most of Saudi Arabia's natural gas is consumed in the petrochemical sector …

Staff (2019-07-01). U.S. Sanctions Block Medicine from Venezuela, Killing Thousands. therealnews.com Ordinary Venezuelans talk about how the sanctions have made it increasingly difficult to access life-saving medications…

Lucas Koerner (2019-06-30). UPDATED: Venezuelan Navy Captain Dies in State Custody, Maduro Orders Investigation. venezuelanalysis.com Acosta had been linked to an alleged coup plot in which he discussed assassinating President Nicolas Maduro.

Jane Regan (2019-06-29). In Haiti, Washington Meddling Missed by Press. fair.org Unlike Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro, President Jovenel MoàØse is Washington's "man in Port-au-Prince." He was hand-picked by Michael "Sweet Mickey" Martelly, the previous Washington-approved president, and had pledged to follow his "Haiti Is Open for Business" neoliberal policies. Is that why corporate media are not calling for the replacement of the Haitian government?>

Ricardo Vaz (2019-06-28). Venezuelan Government Claims New Coup, Maduro Assassination Plot Foiled. mintpressnews.com "The first goal is to capture [Maduro]. And have the world see it. […] Dead, so that the message is clear, this son of a bitch is done," ex-airforce General Miguel Carmelo Sisco is seen telling other alleged conspirators in one of the videos.

John Kiriakou (2019-06-28). The Military Industrial Complex Loves Left Wing Hawk Adam Schiff. mintpressnews.com If there was any doubt at all that Adam Schiff is in the grip of the military-industrial complex, one doesn't have to rely just on his stated positions on Iran, Venezuela, and China to make the situation any clearer. Just take a look at his donors.

Fred_F (2019-06-28). 'Hands off Venezuela' forum calls for solidarity. greenleft.org.au "We are resisting", is the answer that Venezuelan-Australian activist Eulalia Reyes receives when she speaks to friends and family back home. "Right now, international solidarity is so important for the Venezuelan people, who are fighting against US sanctions and threats of military intervention", she said. | Reyes was speaking at a "Hands off Venezuela" public meeting held at the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) offices on June 25. The forum addressed the current crisis in Venezuela and the US-led campaign for "regime change" against President Nicolas Maduro. | The meeting opened with an Acknowledgement of Cou…

Ricardo Vaz (2019-06-27). Venezuelan Government Claims New Coup Plot Foiled. venezuelanalysis.com Plans allegedly included the assassination of President Maduro.

Paul Dobson (2019-06-26). Abrams Welcomes Venezuela's Former Intelligence Chief to the US, Reaffirms Trump's Commitment to Ousting Maduro. venezuelanalysis.com The press conference came as the Venezuelan military called for respect from those looking to fracture it.

Dan Cohen (2019-06-25). How Sen. Rick Scott became Big Oil's point man on Venezuelan regime change. thegrayzone.com The US oil cartel has given Florida's Rick Scott 500 million reasons to be one of the Senate's most fanatical…

Paul Dobson (2019-06-24). UN Human Rights Head Visits Venezuela, Meets Maduro and Guaido. venezuelanalysis.com Michelle Bachelet commented on access to food and medicine, allegations of political prisoners, and the impact of sanctions, among other issues.

Anya Parampil (2019-06-20). Did Venezuelan coup leaders pocket $70 million from Citgo's stolen US assets? thegrayzone.com Venezuela's government has claimed the Department of Justice will investigate Citgo's opposition-appointed board for the theft of $70 million. But…

Ricardo Vaz (2019-06-20). Venezuela: Popular Movements Mobilize to Demand Housing Self-Management. venezuelanalysis.com Popular movements want to build half of the houses planned by the national Housing Mission.

Paul Dobson (2019-06-19). Venezuela's Guaido Investigated for Aid Embezzlement. venezuelanalysis.com Guaido's representative in the US, Carlos Vecchio, is also being accused of fraud in CITGO worth US $70 million.

Ricardo Vaz (2019-06-17). Guaido Staffers Accused of Embezzling Venezuela Humanitarian Aid Funds. venezuelanalysis.com Guaido envoys reportedly spent tens of thousands of dollars on upscale restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs.

Paul Dobson (2019-06-12). Venezuelan Opposition: Inflation Drops Under One Million Percent. venezuelanalysis.com May was the third consecutive month with inflation below 50 percent.

Paul Dobson (2019-06-10). Venezuela Partially Reopens Colombia Border, Closes Canadian Consulates. venezuelanalysis.com The move comes as a riot over fuel shortages in Merida leaves one dead.

Ricardo Vaz (2019-06-07). US Treasury Department Tightens Sanctions on Venezuela Oil Sector. venezuelanalysis.com Washington is targeting diluent imports, hurting Venezuela's ability to export oil and produce fuel.

Paul Dobson (2019-06-06). Venezuela: Pompeo Exposes Frustration Over Opposition Divisions as China, Russia Call for Non-Interference. venezuelanalysis.com The US Secretary of State claims efforts to unify the opposition have been "devilishly difficult."

Ricardo Vaz (2019-06-05). Venezuela: Oil Production Reportedly Down as Gov't Defaults on Gold Swap. venezuelanalysis.com Sanctions have taken a toll on Venezuela's oil output and generated fuel shortages.

Paul Dobson (2019-06-03). Canada Closes Venezuela Embassy as Guaido Promises Maduro Out by End of Year. venezuelanalysis.com Ottawa also vowed to review the status of the Venezuelan diplomatic corps in Canada.

Lucas Koerner (2019-05-30). Venezuela: Norway Talks End as Pence Telephones Guaido. venezuelanalysis.com Maduro praised "constructive dialogue" while the opposition reiterated appeals to the armed forces.

Ricardo Vaz (2019-05-30). Venezuelan Central Bank Releases Economic Data After Three-Year Hiatus. venezuelanalysis.com Inflation and GDP indicators had not been released since 2016.

Paul Dobson (2019-05-29). US Hints at Sanctions Against Venezuela CLAP Food Programme as Maduro Incorporates Militia. venezuelanalysis.com The Venezuelan President looks to combat corruption and improve the programme which benefits 6 million Venezuelan families.

Paul Dobson (2019-05-27). Venezuela: New Round of 'Face to Face' Talks to be Held in Norway. venezuelanalysis.com The content of the dialogue between Maduro's and Guaido's teams has not been disclosed.

Ricardo Vaz (2019-05-21). Venezuela: Maduro Proposes Early Parliamentary Elections as ANC Extends Mandate. venezuelanalysis.com "Let's see who gets the most votes," Maduro challenged the opposition.

Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz (2019-05-20). Venezuela: Widespread Gasoline Shortages as Sanctions Take Toll on Oil Sector. venezuelanalysis.com Long queues have been seen at gas pumps around the country in recent days.

CGTN America (2019-05-17). Would Venezuela be in crisis under Hugo Chavez? cgtn.com Hugo Chavez made Venezuela one of the richest countries in South America. Today, the Venezuelan economy is collapsing. On this episode we speak to Temir Porras, a former advisor to Chavez, on what could have been done to avoid the current crisis.

Ricardo Vaz (2019-05-16). Venezuela: Gov't-Opposition Talks Reported as DC Embassy Raided. venezuelanalysis.com Maduro decried the embassy raid a "criminal act" and vowed to seek justice at the UN.

Paul Dobson (2019-05-15). Russia Warns US Against Venezuela Meddling as Alleged Bomb Threat Temporarily Closes National Assembly. venezuelanalysis.com Four more opposition deputies have also been accused of treason and conspiracy following the April 30 attempted putsch, bringing the total to fourteen.

TeleSur English (2019-05-15). China Delivers 71 Tons of Medical Aid to Venezuela. venezuelanalysis.com "With this second shipment, as well as that which we already received from the Russian Federation, the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent some 166 tons of medicines and supplies have arrived in the country," Health Minister Carlos Alvarado said.

Paul Dobson (2019-05-13). Guaido Requests US Military 'Cooperation' to Oust Maduro as US Vessel Violates Venezuelan Waters. venezuelanalysis.com A meeting between Guaido's team and the US Southern Command is being organised.

Millennial Politics Team (2019-04-25). What Everyone Needs to Know About Venezuela: A Podcast with Miguel Tinker Salas. millennialpolitics.co Professor Miguel Tinker Salas, author of "Venezuela: What Everyone Needs to Know," joins us for the joint Brand New Congress-Millennial Politics podcast series on Venezuelan politics.